Thursday, August 9, 2007

The importance of the clean, fresh breath :)

A married couple was sitting in a pub with a friend
till late at night. The husband got completely drunk! When they returned home and went to bed the wife started muttering at him like "Why did you get drunk again, your booze breath is horrible!! " and so on.. After that,
he got up and in absolute silence went to the bathroom. Later he returned and fell asleep.
But when in the morning the woman went to the bathroom she saw there this:

LOL! "Take the feeling of clean to the Extreme"!!!!!!!
She almost bursted into tears from laughing!! The rest of the day the poor wife started laughing every time she saw her husband!! Of course he remembered nothing in the morning!
Any normal person would just clean the teeth.. .. But byting a deodorant... that's too much!!

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