Saturday, June 30, 2007

Milla Jovovich is pregnant? Strike me pink!

Actress, model, singer, designer and… the expectant mother. This girl always knows what she wants. Paul Anderson wears the face of joy (I should say so!). He made the capricious Milla a proposal for 4 times…at last! The internet is full with idyllic photos of pregnant Milla going shopping, Milla goes out of the car, smiling Milla with Paul Anderson and so on and so on. Paparazzi won’t be out-of-work! It seems to be, that soon we’ll see Milla in a quite cute movie: “The resident of swaddles”? That’s that!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To be or not to be... attractive.

If the answer is “to be” (no doubt it is), read further.

1. Long time ago someone said: “Love yourself and others will love you”. It still works, you know. Be cool.

2. Don’t think of the top models too much. They’re the human beings too, and compare themselves with somebody else, thinking this “somebody” is more beautiful then they are.

3. Accept the compliments. Do it with pleasure. Some people just can’t do this. Like my friend’s friend, for example. I saw her once in a cute aquamarine blouse and said to her that she was so pretty in it. She answered: ”Oh, you’ve said it! It’s so shabby! ”Understand what I’m talking about? Don’t be like her. Respect yourself.

4. Keep smiling! Smile even you don’t want to. Everybody will be under your spell.

5. Don’t talk about disadvantages with your friend, even with the closest one. Who knows, probably you won’t have any relations with this person tomorrow, but then the rest of your friends will know about your “porky” legs, “blubber” lips , etc (Oh, I shouldn’t tell her this!”). Be open-eyed!

6. Don’t experiment too much with the make-up (if you are not EMO, of course). If you look like Karen Mulder or Carolina Kurkova (Nordic or Slavonian type), usually use the beige or gray eye shadows, and look terrific with brown or tender rose lipstick, you don’t need to turn into the languishing Spanish girl, using black eye liner and dying your hair black like Penelope Cruz’s. The result may be unpredictable. Be careful with the image changes.

7. Don’t interrupt your opponent. People like to be listened to. Don’t begin each phrase with: “I…., me…, to me…., for me…” Your boyfriend will think that his problems are dull and are not interesting for you. May be next time he’ll speak about that with your more tactful friend which never interrupts…

8. Once more about tact. Don’t be too” open” with your friend in her guy’s presence. You may tell her that she has the lipstick in her teeth or the nerd on her cheek when he is out.

9. Don’t allow anybody to hurt you. Pushing people need to be set down. Your boyfriend is blaming your that you are just a housewife, saying you can do nothing but to wash the dishes? Outface it: “I am a housewife. So damn what? Do you want me to be a slut?” Think about his words. Dish washing is the necessary thing. Can you tell the same about the guy who hurts you?

10. Read all 9 once more and remember: to be attractive is something more than glamour shoes or the designer skirt. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Beautiful lips in 5 minutes

Want your lips to be like Angelina Jolie’s? After reading this you’ll have it! So, let’s start.

Take a steady lip pencil and run a contour of your lips, making them bigger. In order to your lips look more voluminous, cross the vertical line in the centre of the lower lip.

Now it is the lipstick’s turn. Use two nuances at once (two nuances of red, for example). At first, paint out the contour of your lips near the corners using the darker nuance. Then, cover the central part of your lips by the light nuance of lipstick. Dark and light nuances must be mixed irreproachable. Use the brush for the lipstick. Good luck! Be ready for beauty!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

F.T.D-what does it mean?

What’s happening??? A man runs about the house, takes the kids off to school, brings the breakfast to his wife’s bed, cooks and bleaches the clothes. Why on Earth? It’s simple. He doesn’t work .He has plenty of free time. ‘Cause he is F.T.D. Free time daddy.
Nowadays in the USA and not only this 3 letter combination become more and more popular. Have the social priorities changed? The man becomes weaker and now the woman is in the charge?
So, let’s try to imagine, what a business woman may think about this phenomenon of the modern society.

  • it’s so wonderful! I know that my husband is always at home. “Don’t worry!”
  • the kids are cared. “Be happy!”
  • the food is ready. Awesome!
  • the questions like “What took you so long?”, “Where have you been?” just don’t exist. How dare you! I earn the money!

And so on and so on.

But how about men’s self esteem, his friends’ respect, professional qualification and family authority of course?

Somebody may object and say: whatever, it doesn’t matter who earns the money-man or woman. As a matter of fact it’s true and, for the other side, it is not so obscure as it’s seems to be.
Many men are very glad to stay at home and care about the kids. Somebody of them is proud of it, considering that their work about the house is as important as his wife’s.

In this post we don’t want to hurt anybody. No way. Everyone has the right to choose. We would like to whisper something to the business women-beautiful, smart, open minded and successful. Take care of your F.T.D.! Appreciate them and keep their family authority high.
Or…don’t you afraid he’ll remember of his dusty case and note book? Who in the world will kiss you early in the morning and say:”You look so tired, sweetheart. Don’t stay too long at your job. I’ll cook you something special today”