Friday, November 23, 2007

Lynne Spirs is sorry,Dina Lohan writes a book

The mother of ex-(?) pop-princess declared that she is guilty of her daughter’s problems. She said that her children were raised not for glory. Britney just wanted to sing and that’s all. Hm…not for glory…But do you remember, guys, such declarations when Britney was OK and on the top of her carrier? Nope? Me neither.

There are many people who encourage Britney. Sinead O’Connor, for example. She said, she herself was in depression and wanted to commit suicide for several times. Such things happen sometimes. So, keep your hands of Britney? In this life anything can happen. But Sinead forgot: Britney has two children, who need in their mother’s love and care, not babysitter’s. In a year or two they’ll start to ask questions. But what will their mother be able to answer to them if she is not by side? Oops, I did it again? I am sorry? You are not a little girl any more, you gave a birth to two babies and have to be responsible for them.

Children are too little and are not a company for going to the party? It is better to go with Lindsay, whose mother, by the way is writing a book about how to rise and educate a star. How about drugs and alcohol? It’s a status of the star probably? Missis Lohan doesn’t give any answer.

Normally, your children are the best for you, and always will be, but thousands and thousands of other children-fans take the example from yours. Not good one…Any objections

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