Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To be or not to be... attractive.

If the answer is “to be” (no doubt it is), read further.

1. Long time ago someone said: “Love yourself and others will love you”. It still works, you know. Be cool.

2. Don’t think of the top models too much. They’re the human beings too, and compare themselves with somebody else, thinking this “somebody” is more beautiful then they are.

3. Accept the compliments. Do it with pleasure. Some people just can’t do this. Like my friend’s friend, for example. I saw her once in a cute aquamarine blouse and said to her that she was so pretty in it. She answered: ”Oh, you’ve said it! It’s so shabby! ”Understand what I’m talking about? Don’t be like her. Respect yourself.

4. Keep smiling! Smile even you don’t want to. Everybody will be under your spell.

5. Don’t talk about disadvantages with your friend, even with the closest one. Who knows, probably you won’t have any relations with this person tomorrow, but then the rest of your friends will know about your “porky” legs, “blubber” lips , etc (Oh, I shouldn’t tell her this!”). Be open-eyed!

6. Don’t experiment too much with the make-up (if you are not EMO, of course). If you look like Karen Mulder or Carolina Kurkova (Nordic or Slavonian type), usually use the beige or gray eye shadows, and look terrific with brown or tender rose lipstick, you don’t need to turn into the languishing Spanish girl, using black eye liner and dying your hair black like Penelope Cruz’s. The result may be unpredictable. Be careful with the image changes.

7. Don’t interrupt your opponent. People like to be listened to. Don’t begin each phrase with: “I…., me…, to me…., for me…” Your boyfriend will think that his problems are dull and are not interesting for you. May be next time he’ll speak about that with your more tactful friend which never interrupts…

8. Once more about tact. Don’t be too” open” with your friend in her guy’s presence. You may tell her that she has the lipstick in her teeth or the nerd on her cheek when he is out.

9. Don’t allow anybody to hurt you. Pushing people need to be set down. Your boyfriend is blaming your that you are just a housewife, saying you can do nothing but to wash the dishes? Outface it: “I am a housewife. So damn what? Do you want me to be a slut?” Think about his words. Dish washing is the necessary thing. Can you tell the same about the guy who hurts you?

10. Read all 9 once more and remember: to be attractive is something more than glamour shoes or the designer skirt. Good luck!

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