Sunday, June 10, 2007

F.T.D-what does it mean?

What’s happening??? A man runs about the house, takes the kids off to school, brings the breakfast to his wife’s bed, cooks and bleaches the clothes. Why on Earth? It’s simple. He doesn’t work .He has plenty of free time. ‘Cause he is F.T.D. Free time daddy.
Nowadays in the USA and not only this 3 letter combination become more and more popular. Have the social priorities changed? The man becomes weaker and now the woman is in the charge?
So, let’s try to imagine, what a business woman may think about this phenomenon of the modern society.

  • it’s so wonderful! I know that my husband is always at home. “Don’t worry!”
  • the kids are cared. “Be happy!”
  • the food is ready. Awesome!
  • the questions like “What took you so long?”, “Where have you been?” just don’t exist. How dare you! I earn the money!

And so on and so on.

But how about men’s self esteem, his friends’ respect, professional qualification and family authority of course?

Somebody may object and say: whatever, it doesn’t matter who earns the money-man or woman. As a matter of fact it’s true and, for the other side, it is not so obscure as it’s seems to be.
Many men are very glad to stay at home and care about the kids. Somebody of them is proud of it, considering that their work about the house is as important as his wife’s.

In this post we don’t want to hurt anybody. No way. Everyone has the right to choose. We would like to whisper something to the business women-beautiful, smart, open minded and successful. Take care of your F.T.D.! Appreciate them and keep their family authority high.
Or…don’t you afraid he’ll remember of his dusty case and note book? Who in the world will kiss you early in the morning and say:”You look so tired, sweetheart. Don’t stay too long at your job. I’ll cook you something special today”

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