Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slimming while we are sleeping?

The scientists came to the decision that the lack of hormones causes different diseases, such as fatness and diabetes. When the sleep is broken, so does the work of the hormones . We could eat a horse but the meal doesn’t ingest properly.

Here are some reasons we can’t sleep enough:

- anxiety, stress

- noise

- bright light

- disease

- rage or depression

- alcohol, nicotine

- schedule of work

- fear

What we gonna do to sleep well:

- wake up and go to bed at the same time

- determinate how much time do we need for sleep

- relax before sleeping

- don’t eat greasy food at night

- if you cannot sleep during 30 minutes, do something ,like read your favorite book or magazine, you will fall asleep before you notice it

- Eat a banana or two. It is known that bananas are high-protein food which gives a tone to you during the whole night.

Sleep and slim! This diet will thin you down! Bring the use to your body.

Remember, that the lack of the sleep damages to your skin

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